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60 mm 14 mm 135 mm


Model: 9360

Material: Acetate/ Metal

Very rare Ultra Caviar model from the 90's, an amazing model in unworn condition that will give you the unexplained flair from the past.

It is fair to say that in 1947, when Fred and Kate Besner founded Palm Optical Company, they never would have imagined it would be among the leaders in high-end optical fashions six decades later. “In 1975, my parents took over the daily operations of the business and added the word ‘Ultra’ to our name as a way of indicating our focus on high fashion,” Brad Besner said. “It was important to them to lead rather than follow. They have never been concerned with what others are doing, but rather focused their attention on what is new and different.” Brad and his brother-in-law Leonard Cohen joined the business in the mid 1980’s. With the third generation of the business in place, new energy helped fuel continued growth. Stan and Joanne retired in the late 1990’s (they still attend conventions today), and Brad and Lenny embarked on a path of their own as they created a high-end specialty line of frames known as Caviar. “Caviars are a stunning, private collection made exclusively for us,” Cohen said. “We design, produce and distribute these glamorous frames worldwide.” The vintage models of Ultra Caviar are very rare and sought after by collectors due to their history, design and statement.

This model is a New Old Stock that has never been worn. A true collectors item brought from the past totally refurbished and reconditioned just for you. Possible to fit prescription and sunlenses. Original case not available. We are constantly digging new models and designs and we proudly curate a huge archive of VINTAGE eyewear designs.