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54 mm 18 mm 138 mm


Model: Grandmastertwo

Material: Acetate

The Grand Master Two is already a classic in the DITA portfolio and is a must-have for any High-End eyewear aficionado. Personalities like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Brad Pitt, Usher, Chris Bown, Jermaine Dupri, Snoop Lion, Fabolous, Sean Paul and many others have already exhibited their GM2s - Made in Japan through manual processes, with cotton acetate and titanium, DITA has collaborated with the “store of dreams” AndréOpticas in a limited edition of 17 pieces for the entire world of GM2 - a matte tortoise, specially developed for the collaboration, with gold-plated titanium hinges 24Kts - an edition for true connaisseurs looking not for fashion but style in a ultra exclusive version. Exclusively available at AndréOpticas.

The story of Dita Eyewear is really the story of life-long friends. Pursuing a passion for design, photography, performance and style they have shared since grade school, co-founders Jeff Solorio and John Juniper launched their first collection of Dita frames in 1995. From the beginning, international acclaim has greeted each new Dita collection, earning a place among the world’s most influential eyewear brands. Dita Eyewear is manufactured in the oldest, highest-quality factories in the world located in Japan. More important, the factories are manned by the last remaining master craftsman in the eyewear industry, some of whom have been perfecting their craft for more than half a century. In a world where competitors rely on mass production, rushed assembly time and quick turnaround times of 2-3 months, Dita takes pride in the fact that the production of their Eyewear can range from 6-12 months. The products are made the way old-world watchmakers assemble the finest timepieces. Artisans who believe there should be no time limit when it comes to creating a piece of history meticulously craft each and every Dita frame.